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Andy Panda Goes Fishing is a 1940 animated short featuring Andy Panda.


Andy Panda, in his natural habitat before he moved to America, became a citizen and bought a house, is out fishing with his friend, a turtle, and having a good time, until two zoologists from Chicago show up on a panda search. He, the turtle, and an electric eel give the hunters a hard time, finally eluding them and going back to fishing.


  • Includes reused animation from Life Begins for Andy Panda (1939)
  • Michael Fitzgerald incorrectly lists this cartoon as a December 1939 release.
  • The opening credits feature an unusual theme song. The vocal version was used only once for this cartoon while instrumental versions would play over the opening titles of 100 Pygmies and Andy Panda (released in April) and Crazy House (released in September).
  • Andy refers to the turtle (who talks like Jack Benny's valet, Eddie Rochester) as "Mr. Whippletree." Model sheets refer to him simply as "Rochester Turtle" while Nat Falk's 1941 book How To Make Animated Cartoons features an illustration of the character labeled "Winchester Turtle." The 1940 children's book adaptation of 1939's Life Begins for Andy Panda by Paul T. Gilbert also refers to the character as "Winchester Turtle."

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