Bowery Bimbos is a 1930 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon. It is one of the many Oswald cartoons that are lost.


Oswald is a cop on the beat in the Bowery. A girl catches his eye and the two engage in a rough Apache dance. But the girl is kidnapped by a tough-guy rat who spirits her to a skyscraper and hoists her to the top. Oswald comes to the rescue with an extension ladder; he saves her, but the ladder breaks. The two end up falling to the ground—but revive in time for a closing kiss.


  • Working title: Bowling Bimboes
  • Copyrighted as Bowery Bimboes
  • First onscreen credit for Manuel Moreno
  • Click here to hear the original soundtrack of this rare Walter Lantz cartoon, courtesy of David Gerstein and Ron Hutchinson.
  • The soundtrack of this cartoon features the tunes Yes! We Have No Bananas (written in 1922 by Frank Silver and Irving Cohn) and Down By The Winegar Woiks. The latter tune, played over the short's opening titles, was written in 1925 by Don Bestor, Roger Lewis and Walter Donovan and famously recorded in 1926 by Aileen Stanley and Billy Murray (the voice of Fleischer's Bimbo character). Click here to hear the 1926 recording, courtesy of David Gerstein.

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