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Cartoon Network Latin America and Brazil (Spanish: Cartoon Network Latinoamérica y Brasil, Portuguese: Cartoon Network América Latina e Brasil) is a cable television channel and is an edition of the Time Warner-owned Cartoon Network for the Latin American and Brazillia region and the Caribbean. It is divided into four feeds, all originating from its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA -- three in Spanish (one each for Mexico, Argentina, and the rest of Latin America), and one for Brazil in Portuguese with a different schedule. It airs primarily shows and animated programming and currently showing The Woody Woodpecker Show and it is marketed to children and teens. It is operated in Latin America by Turner Broadcasting. It started broadcasting in 1993. Outside of Latin America, the Latin American feed is also associate member of the Caribbean Cable Cooperative.

In June–July 2010, Cartoon Network started using bumpers with the logo monochromed, featuring the "Toonix" (something like the United States' Noods, but they' re small, with no ears and the face is like a cube), originally promoting the World Cup. Then, on Friday, August 6, 2010, the "Toonix" branding was official, which used bumpers with similar plots to several US bumpers.


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