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Chilly Willy is a 1953 short starring Chilly Willy. This is the first appearance of Chilly Willy.


A schooner anchors at the South Pole, and the skipper goes ashore and leaves the ship's mascot, a St. Bernard dog, to stand watch and guard the ship. A small penguin, Chilly Willy (the only penguin not equipped for cold weather...anywhere), sees the ship and tries to get warm by its stove. The watchdog attempts to get rid of him, but Willy manages to get the dog drunk from the rum in its own cask. The captain returns to find Willy saving the ship from sinking, while the dog is found sleeping it off. Willy is made mascot and the dog is tossed in the ship's brig.

Lyrics of Chilly Willy's songEdit

I'm so very unhappy. I don't know what to do. My head is hot, my feet are cold...Hachoo! I'm so very unhappy. There's only greens in view. I'm frozen stiff as a piece of ice...Hachoo! I'd like to be a camel...and feel the desert breezes. I know I'd never have a cold...a camel never sneezes. Oh this is not the life for me; I shake until I'm blue. My nose is red and my tale is told...Hachoo!


  • Ressuied as "The Cold Penguin" by Castle Films.
  • In Chiller Dillers, the captain hits the bear, which breaks the guitar. Then the bear is playing the guitar again and it's in perfect condition.


Chilly Willy 01 Chilly Willy ms06:18

Chilly Willy 01 Chilly Willy ms

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