Title Card

Corny Concerto is a short released on October 30th, 1962 starring Doc in his last appearance.


Doc prepares Champ for a comeback in the boxing ring, when suddenly the punching bag breaks. While repairing it, Doc mistakenly drops the hammer on Champ's foot, causing him to hop around in a painful fit. A beatnik coffee shop owner notices their "act", and offers them money if they will play at his club. Opening night at "The Hungry Me" bar is a great success, their act creating enthusiastic finger-snapping by the other beatniks. Soon, Champ's name is up in lights, and he's acclaimed as a star, but Champ isn't happy because his foot is taking a heck of a beating. When Doc appears on opening night at Carnegie Hall with a huge mallet, Champ rebels and refuses to let Doc hit his foot anymore. A wild chase around the stage finally ends with a sandbag falling on Champ's sore foot. After several more shows, Champ finally quits, but he is conned into returning for one more concert. When Doc attempts to hit Champ's foot with a hammer, Champ beats him to it and hits Doc's foot instead. The conniving cat hops and yells wildly, much to the delight of the beatnik audience.

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