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Crowin' Pains is the 120th animated cartoon short subject in the Woody Woodpecker series. Released theatrically on September in 1962, the film was produced by Walter Lantz Productions and distributed by Universal Studios.


Woody awakens from his nap with usual hunger. He spies an old lady on a park bench who's eating hot, buttered, sugar-coated popcorn, but his attempted mooching only gets him a beating with the old lady's umbrella. Woody decides that the city isn't for him, and he flies off to the country. He sees a barn and hears music, so he drops in to see what's happening. A farmer is performing as a one-man band with a dancing crow. Woody hears the farmer tell the crow that he can have lunch after the next chorus, so Woody get an idea. Woody tells the crow about the old lady in the city park with the popcorn. The crow's appetite is whetted, and off he goes. Woody goes to the smokehouse, covers himself with charcoal, and steps in to take the crow's place. Woody then discovers why the crow was so anxious to take off. The lunch turns out to be an ear of corn instead of meat and potatoes. A disgusted Woody goes off to the farmhouse to get some "he-man" food when a misplaced bucket of water ends his disguise. To teach Woody a lesson, the farmer throws a scare into him by threatening to add him to his collection of stuffed birds. Woody agrees not to pull this kind of trick again, so the farmer lets him go. On the way out, Woody meets the crow, in battered condition, who gives Woody a few whacks with an umbrella before Woody departs.

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