Title Card

Fish Fry is 1944 Andy Panda cartoon.


Andy Panda is fascinated by a cute little goldfish in a pet shop window, buys it, and starts to take it home. He's stalked by a mangy, hungry alley cat who tries to eat it. The big tomcat tries to get the baby fish by sneaking up and grabbing it, then by disguising himself as a thirst-crazed desert traveler dying for a drink of water, and finally, by crude by effective brute force. Andy's stuck in the middle of a guerrilla war between the ravenous cat and the goldfish. Guess who's more sadistic? In his haste, the cat loses the fish down the gutter, but retrieves it, only to lose it again. Andy catches the fish and is promptly chases back to the pet shop. The cat's ambush outside the shop is foiled by a big bulldog at Andy's side who disposes of the cat without lifting an eyebrow.



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