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For the Love of Pizza is a 1972 Woody Woodpecker cartoon.


A "woodpeckers take" on the Red Riding Hood tale. Woody meets Mrs. Meany who is taking pizza to her Grandma. Being very hungry, he quickly goes to Grandma's house, convinces her to go out of the house, and replaces her in bed. Mrs. Meany finds Grandma and, understanding Woody's plan, wants to make him pay. At the house, after the costumary dialogue ("what big eyes... what big nose...."), Mrs. Meany gives Woddy the pizza, loaded with hot chili and when woody taste it his mouth was on fire and asked for water but Miss Meany puted red hot sauce instead of water. Miss Meany maked Woody many tricks but during this, Grandma comes to the house. Miss meany thinked he is Woody and begin to hit her with the broom. Woody was hiding in the bed and knocking Meany's shoes and hiding in the sidderches. Woody tricked again granny and she hides in the sidderchest and Meany takes the sidderchess with grandma and throws in the water and when he saw Woody she immediatly realized Granny is in the sidderchest and take it and granny begin to hit Meany. Then Woody laughs for the end.


Woody Woodpecker - For The Love Of Pizza English Version05:53

Woody Woodpecker - For The Love Of Pizza English Version

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