Original Title Card

Fox and the Rabbit
is a 1935 Cartune Classics cartoon.


A hungry rabbit sprays himself with catsup and pretends to contract measles so that he can leave school and raid a carrot patch. The carrot patch turns out to be a phony, a trap planned by a hungry fox. When he falls in the river, the spots wash off and the fox chases him again, but Mama Rabbit comes to the rescue and chases the fox away.


A child rabbit is sent to school by his mother. On the way, he passes a carrot patch, which is actually a trap set by a hungry wolf. He remembers what his mother told him before he left; "Don't be late to school. And remember, don't play hookey.", so he decides to walk on by. While at school, the rabbit remembers the carrot patch he passed and begins to get anxious. He pretends to have the measles, and his teacher kicks him out of school. He returns to the carrot patch and isn't aware that the wolf is waiting for him...

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