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Freeloading Feline is a 1960 short starring Doc.


In a big city penthouse, a high society party is in progress. Far below, in Dish Pan Alley, Doc emerges from his dilapidated packing box and nonchalantly rings a gong. A bulldog named Champ jumps up and starts jabbing a punching bag. The bag swings back and hits Champ's glass jaw, sending him to the ground. Doc gets Champ drooling when he lists the various tasty foods at the party. Later, Doc and Champ arrive at the penthouse entrance just as a freeloader is tossed out. Champ is mistaken for the new food server sent from the agency. However, Doc is immediately thrown out. Champ is warned to keep the freeloaders out. Doc approaches the entrance, but Champ, taking his new duties seriously, throws him out. Angered at Champ's betrayal, Doc tries several different tricks to crash the party. Doc gains entrance to the party several times, but he's ejected by Champ each time. The battle between Doc and Champ ultimately leaves the party a shambles. The host realizes that Champ is also a freeloader and ejects him.


This is the first cartoon starring Doc without Hickory and Dickory. Dob would be appear in cartoons like: Tin Can Concert (Presents The Cinderella Overture by Rossini), Doc's Last Stand, Pest of Show, Punchy Pooch and Corny Concerto.

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