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Gabby's Diner is the 107th animated cartoon short subject in the Woody Woodpecker series. Released theatrically on March 28, 1961, the film was produced by Walter Lantz Productions and distributed by Universal International.


In a Florida swamp, starving Gabby Gator has a little diner. Things are slow; he is just waiting for a good meal to come along. While looking out of the window of his hut, he sees a flock of geese flying around overhead. He gets his gun and shoots at them, but all that floats down is a feather. Woody, overhead, is happily humming when Gabby sees him. He decides to use strategy to entice Woody down. Gabby fastens a note onto a string attached to a hot-air balloon, and up it floats. It's an invitation to his run-down shack, which he passes off as a resort hotel (the "Fryer's Club") in order to trap Woody and bake him in a pie. Woody, reading it, slides down the string and meets Gabby, who extends to Woody a warm welcome to the Fryer's Club. Woody's given the "red carpet" treatment by Gabby, who uses all his guile to entice Woody into a hot bath, really a stewing pan. Woody gets into the bath(?) and suddenly asks, "What day is this?" "Tuesday," replies Gabby. Out of the stew pan hops Woody, saying, "I never take my bath before Saturday." Woody's then put into an oven, but he outwits Gabby by sitting on a cake of ice. Finally, Woody's put to bed in a baking dish, and Gabby rolls out a blanket of dough to cover Woody with. Woody empties a can of fast-rising baking powder into a blanket of dough. It swells up to huge proportions, and it bursts with a violence that blows the roof off and wrecks everything around it.

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