Title Card

Happy Scouts
is a 1938 New Universal Cartoons cartoon featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.


Oswald and his Scouts (members of Oswald's Scouts Duck Troop 13) are marching on a camping trip. Blackie Duck loses his diaper and falls behind. He is attacked by a beaver and then a mean crocodile. The Scouts tangle with an alligator who's after Blackie. Swimming for his life, Blackie is saved at the last minute when Oswald substitutes a wind-up duck and the crocodile eats it instead. Oswald proves that a good Scout is always prepared.


Scoutmaster Oswald (the Rabbit) takes his troop of Duck Scouts on a camping trip. The youngest member, a black duckling, gets into trouble with a mischievous beaver, who keeps putting out the campfire the little black duckling is trying to light. The little black duckling chases the beaver into the water and encounters an alligator, who is pleased to see that his dinner has arrived. The little black ducking finally gets safely to shore as Oswald comes to his rescue by feeding the alligator a mechanical duck---standard issue in all scout packs backpacks---that ruins the alligator's digestion as it starts to unwind inside him.

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