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Hunger Strife is a 1960 short starring Fatso the Bear, as his first appearance and Inspector Willoughby.


It's the first day of tourist season at Peachstone National Park and Ranger Willoughby is told by his superior to "keep things ship-shape". When the tourists arrive, Willoughby tells the park bears they are free to take whatever food the tourists give them... all except Fatso, whom the ranger deems way too out-of-shape and instructs to diet intensely. Craving food, the bear tries to elude Willoughby and "pig out" but the omnipresent ranger always puts a stop to his antics. Finally, tourist season ends and Fatso, having gotten no food, is thin as a rail. Says the ranger, "Fatso, you're a mess. Have you been dieting?"


Fatso the Bear and Ranger Willoughby are nearly identical in appearance and personality to Humphrey the Bear and Ranger Woodlore, characters Jack Hannah created at the Walt Disney Studio.

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