Kisses and Kurses is a 1930 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon. It is one of the many Oswald cartoons that are lost.


Oswald is part of a showboat troupe, with his girlfriend Fanny as leading lady in a melodrama. "Little Blue Eyes, the heroine, lives with her aged father in a wee cabin down on the Swanee. Simon Hardheart (played by Pete) demands her hand in marriage, but Blue Eyes spurns him. In fury, Simon ties her to a railroad track and vows to run over her with an old locomotive called The General." She is rescued by Oswald, who splits the track—and by extension, the train and villain—in half! The show is a success and Oswald and Fanny embrace for the closer.


  • According to copyright synopsis of this cartoon, the villain engineers a train known as The General, likely a reference to the 1926 Buster Keaton film of the same name.

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