Little Televillain

Distributed by

Universal Pictures

Directed By

Alex Lovy

Produced By

Walter Lantz

Released on

December 8, 1958

Running Time

7 minutes

Color by


Little Televillain is a 1958 Chilly Willy cartoon.


Smedley (a dog), the hottest thing on television and the star of his own I Love Smedley show, achieved his present status quite by accident. It all began when Smedley was hired by the station's boss to be his personal bodyguard. Smedley's orders were to let no one disturb the boss. These were not too difficult to carry out until, one day, drummer Chilly Willy arrives on the scene, determined upon having an audition with the boss. Smedley chases Chilly out of the office, but Chilly manages to beat Smedley back in and locks the door. Chilly sets up his drums for the audition and is about to start playing when Smedley, using a log as a battering ram, crashes into the room. Chilly immediately takes off, with Smedley in hot pursuit. The chase leads them into the midst of a live-action program, which, at the moment, is breaking for the commercials. Chilly dashes into a refrigerator, and Smedley follows. The announcer, who has been extolling the virtues of certain cigarettes, automobiles, etc., now brings out a refrigerator to demonstrate its powerful freezing unit. Upon opening the door, we see Chilly cavorting around in the cold, with the dog frozen stiff. The boss, watching the program on his private set, roars with laughter, and he credits Smedley for injecting some humor into the dry commercials. Consequently, Smedley and Chilly are given their own show. The program's format is a simple one: Chilly throws pies into Smedley's face. But the TV viewers love it- and Smedley becomes famous.