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[[MaggieAndSam CrazyMixedUpPup-1-|250px]]
Maggie and Sam, as seen in

"Crazy Mixed Up Pup" (art by Walter Lantz Studios).

first app.:

"Crazy Mixed Up Pup" (1955)

last app.:

"Fowled Up Party" (1957)

Sam OstrichEggAndI-1-

Sam in "The Ostrich Egg And I", art by Walter Lantz Studios.

Maggie and Sam
are Walter Lantz characters, who made their first appearance in the cartoon "Crazy Mixed Up Pup", in 1955. Their final appearance was in 1957, in "Fowled Up Party". They were created by Tex Avery.

List of appearances:

  • "Crazy Mixed Up Pup" (02/14/1955)[1][2]
  • "The Ostrich Egg And I" (04/09/1956)[3][4]
  • "The Talking Dog" (08/27/1956)[5][6]
  • "Fowled Up Party" (01/14/1957)
Maggie OstrichEggAndI-1-

Maggie in "The Ostrich Egg And I", art by Walter Lantz Studios.

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