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Mouse Trappers is a 1941 animated short featuring Andy Panda and also starring Poppa Panda.


Andy Panda's dad is bragging about his prowess as a hunter when Mom directs his attention to a severe mouse problem. Andy's father is trying to catch a pesky mouse with his own "scientific" approach, while young Andy keeps pushing the idea of an old-fashioned mousetrap. Dad "shows" Andy how to catch a mouse, one failed attempt after another. The help of a cat proves ineffective, as it turns out that the cat and mouse are drinking buddies.


  • The first musical score by Darrell Calker
  • Poppa Panda's voice has been changed. He now sounds like W.C. Fields.
  • Most copies of this cartoon are missing the drinking scene featuring the mouse and the cat. Also missing in many prints is the scene that takes place after Poppa Panda tries to shoot an apple off of the mouse's head. Poppa is such a bad shot, that the mouse hands him a card reading "You Are Exempt from Military Service" (obviously a reference to FDR's peacetime conscription).

Edited scenesEdit

In some TV channels the scenes from this cartoon are edited. Below it's a gallery with these edited scenes