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My Pal Paul is a 1930 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon.


Oswald the Rabbit puts on a concert for a group of barn animals - but when they discover that he's miming to a record of his idol, Paul Whiteman - they boo and shun him. Oswald wanders off in shame to hang himself from the nearest tree and is stopped by none other than Whiteman himself who happens along in his car. The two begin performing music using parts of the car which leads to some highly surrealistic setpieces (dancing tools - a hood ornament that does an Indian dance, etc.).


  • The copyright synopsis for this cartoon refers to Oswald as "Jazzwald"
  • This cartoon was produced to help promote the 1930 Universal musical King of Jazz and prominently features a caricature of bandleader Paul Whiteman as well as several songs from the film. In addition, Lantz and his staff were commissioned by Carl Laemmle to create an animated color sequence for King of Jazz. Click here to read more about it.

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