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Not So Quiet is an animated short film produced by Walter Lantz, and stars Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.


Oswald is a private and was sent into the battlefield. It was dawn and he was dozing inside a tent. The general called out to assemble the privates. Oswald anxiously comes out and gives salute. The general then gave the privates an exercise where they line up, carry a gun and march back and forth. In the drill, Oswald kept toppling on the other privates, much to their annoyance. But all that was because the general neglectly gave him a gun that was too big and cumbersome.

While he was disappointed and wondering what penalty he'll receive, Oswald saw a girl cat singing him a serenade from the other side of a river. Oswald was fascinated and decides to meet her. But before he could the cross the river, Oswald was approached by the general who orders him to deliver a note to the enemy general.

The rabbit agreed and went on to carry the message. Untouchable, Oswald evaded every single bullet that comes his way as well as hiding behind things (such as tree stumps) for cover. At last, Oswald reached the enemy general and hands the message. To his horror, Oswald realizes that his own general betrayed him when the note tells the enemy leader to shoot him when the sun comes up. Oswald ran for his safety and had to pass through more obstacles. The two battling forces resort to larger ammunition, making escape very difficult.

Fortunately for Oswald, the two forces finally agreed to a cease-fire after several moments. Oswald was relieved of his worries. The girl cat from beyond the river comes to him and gives Oswald a kiss.

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