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Pest of Show is a short released on February 13th, 1962 starring Doc.


Desperately in need of money, Doc prepares Champ for the upcoming dog show that offers a $50,000 prize and a banquet to the winner. After weeks of training and preparation, Doc leads Champ to the arena for the competition. In spite of some taunting by two alley cats, Champ is awarded first prize, and Doc is handed the cup by the judges. Doc wastes no time getting to the banquet table. The alley cats sprinkle pepper on Champ's bone from an open skylight overhead, and Champ begins to sneeze. Furious, Champ pulls the vent of the skylight, causing the two cats to fall down onto the banquet table. Before long, food is scattered everywhere and the arena is wrecked. Doc and Champ are forcefully ejected from the show.

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