Castle Films Title Card

Sailor Mouse
is a 1938 Cartune Comedy featuring Baby-Face Mouse.


A little mouse runs away from home and goes to sea. Aboard the ship, a rat starts to educate the mouse on the ways of sea-farin' mice by sending him to the galley to steal cheese from the Captain's table. But the Captain's parrot, a sea-goin' snitch, spots the thievery and squawks loud and long about it. That brings the whole crew down after the mouse, who gets away and learns that there is no place like home.


Willie Mouse (Baby Face Mouse) leaves a note at home saying that he is running away to go to sea, but the thugs he meets up with make him change his mind quickly. He should have stayed home rather than mix it up with cigar- smoking, gun-toting, hook-armed boat rats of every size and description! Even before he can leave port, he has lots of trouble on the ship that he plans to sail on. He learns that he has to go through a series of tests before he will be accepted as a sailor boy. He's told by the ship's head rat to steal the captain's cheese- with hilarious results. In the end, he returns home to the security of his own room before anybody reads his note.

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