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Seal on the Loose is a 1970 Woody Woodpecker cartoon.


Mrs. Meany don't want a fish that Woody gives her and he tries to put the fish in the lake and an officer sees him and he was puted the fish in the lake and puts the aquarium in his head. Later, a circus car was crossed the street and escaped a baby seal. Woody sees it and it told him to give it a fish and sees a fish car that crossed near they and goes in it. The fisher sees it and Woody and get Woody out and the seal hit him with a fish. Then Woody costumed the seal in a baby and come to Ms. Meany. They into to Ms. Meany's room and the seal goes to the bathroom and when Ms. Meany sees it, she tries to chatch but she was not did it. Then Woody and the seal goes out and Woody laugh for the end.


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