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Shipwreck is a 1931 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon.


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  • Copyrighted as Shipwrecked
  • The first cartoon where Oswald wears rubber gloves.
  • The song It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo' (written in 1923 by Wendell Hall) is featured on the soundtrack of this cartoon.
  • Hidden Gag: As the parrot is lowered down via fishing line, he greets each of the fish, "Hi Bill, Hi Charlie, Hello Cecil, Howdy Ella!" Bill, Charlie, Cecil, and Ella are actually referring to staff members, William "Bill" Nolan, Charles Hastings, Cecil Surry (an inbetweener at this point), and possibly a woman from the ink and paint department by the name of Ella. Click here to hear the hidden gag.

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