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'Snapp'y Salesman is a 1930 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon.


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  • It is quite possible that this short was a withheld 1929 entry. It runs for approximately five minutes, which is shorter than the average running time of a Lantz cartoon from this period. One might also note that the short's production number, 5082, is a number that would have been routinely assigned to a 1929 cartoon. Some of the scenes in the film also call to mind more of a 1929 Lantz effort rather than a mid-1930 one. There is also an abrupt jump cut that occurs approximately three minutes into the short and it is possible that an edit may have taken place here. Specifically, the cut appears during the scene when Oswald first leads the cat family into his music shop. He puts up his index finger as if to address the crowd but, before anything can actually happen, the scene abruptly shifts to the feline family laughing. In addition to this, the cartoon opens with an iris, much like a Lantz release from September or October 1929; but it also closes with a curtain, a technique first introduced in either late October or early November 1929.

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