Title Cards

Southern Fried Hospitality is a 1960 short starring Woody Woodpecker. It is notable being the first official appearance of Gabby Gator.


A building boom is sweeping the state of Florida to such an extent that even the wildlife is fighting for space to live in. Gabby Gator is verry slow beacuse he doesn't have much to eat. At home, Gabby browses the cook book and finded Fricassee of Woodpecker and he immeadiatly prepared the oven. Meanhvile this, Woody chame at Gabby's house and he taked him and puted on the oven and understanding Gabby's plan, he puted Gabby's tail on the woods and when he puted it in the owen, he immeadiatly burned and when he went to the river to put his tail in it, Woody puted his tail on the boat and he turned it and the boat with Gabby goes away is flamingo falling on the owen where Woody puted him in it.

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