Title Card

Syncopated Sioux is a 1940 animated short featuting Punchy.


Wild, musical Indians in a cartoon with minimal dialogue, but lots of swing jive music and hilarious war dances. The Indians whistle at a "hot squaw number" and salute "The Chief," which rolls along at 90 miles an hour. Palefaces get red faces as a few cowboys get arrows. A tepee makes like a toupee. When the Indians do a war dance, one gets ambitious and dons a suit of armor, then shoots down a big bird that turns out to be an airplane.


  • No credit is given to the musical director of this cartoon. One would tend to think that Frank Marsales would have done it, but it is also possible (and very likely) that Darrell Calker could have as well. Calker would take over Marsales' place starting in 1941.

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