Guild/Firelight reissue title Card

The Fowl Ball is a 1930 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon. While the original opening and closing titles for the film are currently lost, a television tile card exists.


Oswald and a group of frogs form an orchestra.


  • Some sources incorrectly list this cartoon as The Foul Ball
  • In this short, Oswald sings the song Johnny Schmoker, a traditional German folk tune brought to America by the Pennsylvania Dutch and first published under the title Jemmy Boker in 1863. The song involves an old German musician telling his friend Johnny Schmoker about the many instruments he can play. He describes each one and goes through the motions while he sings. It is likely that musical director James Dietrich, himself of German ancestry, had an influence on the inclusion of this song in this cartoon.

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