Title Card

The Magic Beans
is a 1939 Nertsery Rhyme cartoon featuring Baby-Face Mouse.


When Beany sells the family cow for some Mexican Jumping Beans, his mother upbraids him and tosses them out of the window. They grow into a giant beanstalk which carries Beany up to a giant cat's castle in the clouds. Beany steals the Hen that lays Golden Eggs and is chased by the giant. The film ends when he tells the director he won't fight the cat.


Jack the Mouse sells the family cow (hey, it's a cartoon)for a handful of Mexican jumping beans, is scolded by his mother who throws the beans out into the yard. A great beanstalk sprouts from the ground and transports Jack the Mouse to a cloud island in the sky that has a castle owned by a giant bloodthirsty cat. Jack steals the hen that lays golden eggs. The cat gives chase.

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