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Tin Can Concert (Presents The Cinderella Overture by Rossini) is a 1961 short starring Doc.


Doc enters a rehearsal hall and sets himself on top of a grandfather clock, using it as a podium from which he will conduct an all-cat symphony orchestra in a rendition of Giacomo Rossini's Cinderella Overture. A mouse is peacefully sleeping inside the clock, underneath the swinging pendulum. As Doc directs the orchestra, he leans over and playfully lowers the pendulum so that the mouse begins swinging with its motion. The angry mouse attempts to out-scream the band, but he's muffled by Doc. He crawls back into his bed beneath the pendulum, but he again is caught in its swinging motion. The conflict continues back-and-forth between Doc and the poor mouse. Finally, using a musical saw, the mouse cuts off the podium, sending Doc crashing to the floor. The mouse then takes the baton and leads the band as the pendulum beats time on Doc's head.


  • Champ does not appear in this episode.

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