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Tramping Tramps is a 1930 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon.


In this cartoon, Oswald and Pete are two hobos traveling across the country during the Depression. They stop at a farmhouse after spotting some pie cooling on a windowsill and approach it. One gag in this cartoon that I enjoy is when the lady of the house uses Oswald's ear to cut a slice of pie for him. Another gag I enjoy is that of Oswald creating a saxophone out of a log. He then uses it to play various tunes. One of which has a scarecrow dancing like a Hasidic Jew. Like many cartoons of the early sound era, an outhouse gag is shown with someone stepping out.


  • Walter Lantz's final credit as an animator.
  • The correct title of this cartoon is Tramping Tramps, not Trampling Tramps as listed on this filmography previously.

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