Wiener Wars is an episode of the animated series The New Woody Woodpecker Show. It is also the first episode of the series.


When Woody buys a hot dog cart, he and Wiener Wally, the vendor across the street, battle it out, creating a hot dog mix that attracts the attention of a wealthy businessman.

Transcript Edit

[Scene; Denver, CO, late moring two people walk by as Woody runs past them]

Woody(as he runs past):Hey!

[Woody jumps up on a fire hydrent he stands up and signals Joe]

Woody:Hey Joe! [a shot of Joe, the hot dog cart owner sees Woody] one hot dog please [Joe puts ketchup and throws it at Woody, Woody eats it and floats to the ground like a feather then he burps] ah that's the stuff [Woody sees a "For sale" sing on Joe's cart] For sale?

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