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[[Windy&Breezy SalmonYeggs|250px]]
Windy & Breezy (art by Walter Lantz Studios).

first app.:

"Fodder and Son" (1957)

last app.:

"Bee Bopped" (1959)

Windy & Breezy are Walter Lantz characters, who made their first appearance in the cartoon "Fodder and Son", in 1957. Their final appearance was in 1959, in "Bee Bopped".

List of appearances:

  • "Fodder and Son" (11/4/1957)
  • "Salmon Yeggs" (03/24/1958)[1][2]
  • "Three Ring Fling" (10/06/1958)[3][4]
  • "Truant Student" (01/05/1959)[5][6]
  • "Bee Bopped" (06/15/1959)

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