Winnie Woodpecker
[[705053-winnie woodpecker1 large-1-|250px]]

First appearance

Real Gone Woody (1954)

Created by

Ben Hardaway Walter Lantz Alex Lovy

Voiced by

June Foray B. J. Ward

Winnie Woodpecker is a fictional woodpecker and is the wife or girlfriend of Woody Woodpecker. Her only original theatrical appearences are in 1954's Real Gone Woody & International Woodpecker (as a cameo) and was voiced by June Foray. In The New Woody Woodpecker Show, she is voiced by B. J. Ward. Her neice and nephew are Knothead and Splinter.



Woody Woodpecker Cartoons

Real Gone Woody (1954)

International Woodpecker (1957) (Caveman Winnie & Fifi in Paris )

Woody Woodpecker Segments

Crash Course (1999)

Spy-Guy (1999)

Getting Comfortable (2000) (Cameo as Winnie Celebrates the Christmas Ever)

The Twelve Lies of Christmas (2001)

Surf Crazy (2002)

I Know What You Did on a Last Night (2002)

Winnie Woodpecker Segments

Medical Winnie Pig (1999)

Bad Hair Day (1999)

Queen of De-Nile (1999)

Ready for My Close-Up, Mr. Walrus (1999)

Out to Launch (1999)

Winnie P.I. (2000)

Kitchen Magician (2000)

Winnie at the Ball (2000)

Winnie's New Car (2000)

Everybody's a Critic (2001)

Skating By (2001)

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