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Woody Woodpecker: Escape from Buzz Buzzard Park is a Woody Woodpecker video game.


What's a woodpecker to do when some guy kidnaps his niece and nephew? Leave it to Woody to find a few creative ways to get back at his enemy. Based on the classic Woody Woodpeck cartoons, this game imitates the feel of the time-honored animated series by reproducing the animation and humor that made Woody so popular. It seems that the nefarious Buzz Buzzard has not only taken our hero's beloved relatives, but he's stolen Woody's remote control! With such unlikely firepower as a meatball gun and a magic paintbrush that can create holes in the ground, you'll try to make your way through dozens of challenging environments in the hope of reuniting your family and getting back your precious clicker. That'll be none too easy, as you'll have to contend with sneezing fire hydrants, mustard-throwing tanks, skiing polecats, and much more. The adventure reaches its climax at Buzz Buzzard's hideout, which just so happens to be an amusement park!

Notes Edit

The GBC version of the game night be based off a comic

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